Plant Capacity


In the last 5 years Quality Blow Moulders has nearly doubled in size, and has plans in place to ensure capacity is available to allow similar growth over the next 5 years.

The company is currently manufacturing 70 million containers per annum. With the new facility, and the continued acquisition of manufacturing equipment this production can be lifted to over 100 million containers per annum.

Quality Blow Moulders prides itself on its 'entry to market' speed with design to samples being possible, in some instances, in 4-8 weeks, depending on complexity of design. We are able to produce any shape from 6ml to 6 litres, incorporating patterns, and give tooling design assistance.

Understanding the business is very important to contnuity of supply. An in depth understanding of capacity allows us to maintain our flexibility by not over committing to supply. If QBM is not capable of manufacturing the item we will not take on the job until capable. To over commit, only puts supply to all of our customers at risk.